Ungathanda ukuba umculo wakho ubeyinxalenye yengoma zethu emoyeni?

Would you like to submit your good quality music for playlisting on Amaciko FM?

Here’s the terms and conditions of music submissions.

Music Submission criteria to be followed:

Option 1
1 Song – Amaciko FM Playlist – Free

Option 2
1 – 3 Songs – Amaciko FM Playlist – R150
(include artist verbal recorded promo)

Option 3
1 – 6 Songs – Amaciko FM Playlist – R300
(include recorded interview)

⦁ Amaciko FM is a 247 maskandi music station.
⦁ You must submit a clean and quality mp3 music format with no swearing or dissing anyone or make our listeners uncomfortable with your music lyrics.
⦁ Amaciko FM will play your one song for free on our station as part of uplifting the maskandi music of up and coming artists, but will charge a minimum fee on playlisting more than one song from the same artist limited to six songs per artist.
⦁ Amaciko FM will offer artist verbal promo (recorded) to the artist selected option 2.
⦁ Amaciko FM will offer interviews (recorded) to the artists selected option 3.